Baileys Horse Feeds

Lots of “How and what to feed”, plus a fun game “Bung ‘im some Baileys”Horse feeds for Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Carriage Driving, Showing, Endurance Riding, Racing, Polo, breeding, mares, foals, stallions and studs. Advice on feeding, equine nutrition and horsefeeds for your horse or pony.

2 British Equine Veterinary Association

Guidance on caring for your horse

3 Dept for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Gateway to equine issues in Government, a bit heavy but some useful stuff if you dig!

4 Dodson & Horrell

How and what to feed

5 Farrier Giles

Some interesting, and controversial, stuff on various shoeing methods

6 Home of Rest for Horses

Useful advice from The Home of Rest for Horses regarding what you need to know before you buy a horse, horse health and ownership of a horse.

7 Horsefeeds UK

Nutrition guidance and terminology
Search the Horse Feeds UK site for feeding guides,worming guides,tips on loading,driving and equine feed news

8 Kentucky Equine Research

Great site, KER is run by Joe Pagan, THE worlds leading expert on equine nutrition! Try the online “Ration Consultant” and lots of other stuff.

9 Liphook Equine Hospital

Liphook Equine Hospital – Horse Vets & Equine Clinic.
Download fact sheets on horse care, diseases and treatments.

10 Natural Animal Feeds

Natural Animal Feeds.
Nutritional Science at its Best – Naturally

11 Pool House Veterinary Hospital

Reasonable discussion of equine dentistry plus the usual diseases etc.

12 Saracen Horse Feeds

World-class nutrition.
EquiNews can be downloaded from this site.

13 Surrey County Council – Horse Pasture Management Project

Useful advice and fact sheets to download
Horse Pasture Management Project

14 The Donkey Sanctuary

Everything on caring for a Donkey, plus a really silly game “Herd the Donkey”
15 The Horse.com

Dig deep, the answer to (almost) everything equine is here!
16 Total Saddle Solutions

The Treeless Saddle explained

17 Waltham

Research arm of Mars Horsecare, nutritional advice and equine behaviour explained